Monday, June 08, 2009

Expected News

The North Beach Bar I play volleyball at in Downers Grove shut down today according to a text message I just got. The bar is located in an old warehouse and has two full sand volleyball courts and 4 bowling lanes. The lease on the place has to be astronomical and, if by some weird chance they own the place, the property taxes would also be ridiculous. For over a year the crowds have been dwindling and the bar management has been complaining that the volleyball players don't spend enough money. Frankly I'm surprised it lasted this long. But I'm sad, too. It was the best volleyball league I played in. I've been away from it for about 2 months because of an injury and was really looking forward to starting up again this week. The league coordinator is looking for some alternative but it's going to be hard to find a facility on short notice. Once it moves the new location, where ever it is, will cause some people to not want to play any more. Plus, I'm not aware of any other indoor sand facilities. Moving to hard court will drive others away. This league may be dead.



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