Monday, June 01, 2009

Random Baseball

  • 05/20 - Both Todd Helton of the Rockies and Jason Kendall of the Brewers got their 2,000th career hits this week. Congrats to both.

  • 05/20 - Watching the Cubs/Cards series this week I've seen Pujols stretch two singles into doubles and Chris Duncan do it once with hits to left. Neither are very fleet of feet. I'll concede that one of Pujols hits could be considered a legit 2 bagger but the other two really should have been singles. I bring this up to ask if there's a problem with Soriano. Not my favorite player but he does love to throw guys out on the bases. Him not making good attempts on those plays looks suspect.

  • 05/20 - Been a while since I did a baseball quote. Here's two.
    "Walk him [Stan Musial] on four pitches and pick him off first." Dodgers pitcher Preacher Roe on his strategy pitching to Stan "The Man" Musial. His teammate, Carl Erskine, had a different strategy, "Throw him my best stuff then run over to back up third base."

  • 05/21 - Arnie Murphy, The Peanut Dude, the Pedro Martinez of peanut vendors, left the stadium at the age of 61. He was famed for his accuracy when tossing bags of peanuts across seating sections.

  • 05/26 - The Washington Nationals need to hire a proofreader.

  • 05/27 - The Cubs sent Bobby Scales back to AAA. "I felt like I did OK," Scales said. "They told me as much in the meeting. I'd like to think I'll get the opportunity to come back and help this team win." So do I, Bobby.

    UPDATE: Booby was officially sent to AAA but never borded a plane to leave Chicago. The Cubs brought him back to the majors the same day.

  • 05/27 - Chris Duncan TAKES OUT Craig Counsel. They call it a non contact sport.

  • 05/3` - 46 year old Jamie Moyer won his 250th career game.

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