Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cubs v. Cards, Live Blog

Top 9th:
Complete Game Shut Out! 91-2 pitches. I think he only faced 28 batters. Totally unexpected. Hopefully this is the return of good starting pitching.

Bot 8th:
Len just said Reed Johnson "has a big nob" on his bat.

Top 7th:
A stupid little thing. bob and Len just gave Lilly player of the game. Three full innings left to go.

Bot 5th:
Rasmus with another blast this week. Rookie of the Year? He's an early favorite.

Top 4th:
Pinerio throws 4 pitches for 3 outs. That's efficiency. That's bad batting.

Bot 3rd:
Bremley made a funny! Build a giant statue of a croquette player across the river from the arch.

Thurston just RAN, RAN, to 1st after getting a walk. Awesome!

Lilly walked first 2 batters and nothing. StL offense continues to be anemic.

Bot 1st:
Molina with a 2 out ribby. Followed by the "truck driver."

Top 1st:
Molina picks Soriano! When will runners learn not to lead off that far on Molina. Didn't see the replay. Bremley's convinced it was a bad call.

What does "[Chris Duncan] is a truck driver." Bremley confuses me.

Never live blogged before. first time I've had wireless working with a laptop. We'll see how it goes and if I stay with it.

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