Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Belong To Know Organized Political Party

Senate Democrats place gun in the president's hand and aim it at his foot.

Obama has threatened to veto a military budget bill if it has funding for the F-22 Joint Strike Fighter. A great many people outside the military/industrial complex have decided the fighter has no use and is way, way too expensive. The current Pentagon Chief, Sec Def Gates, wants to kill the program. Obviously, the Commander-in-Cheif wants the program killed.

But not Congress critters. A trick employed by major contractors that build weapons systems put pieces of manufacturing in dozens if not hundreds of congressional districts. Each member of Congress has constituents that are employed by these programs. They never, ever want to kill a program because that costs jobs in their district.

Now, with a bloated unneeded program on the verge of being killed by the White House they've gone and attached an unrelated law to the funding bill. It's a bill that Obama has championed and wants to sign into law. He's been criticized from the left for not doing enough for gay and lesbian rights.

Now to kill off billions of dollars of wasted spending he's being forced to hurt his own political spending. And it is his own party that's doing it.



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