Thursday, January 28, 2010

Random Things

  1. I've been sick for a week. I returned to work today, the first time since last Thursday. The Doc I saw Monday said I wasn't "very" contagieous. "Just don't share utensils or kiss your girlfriend. Or boyfriend." The after thought about a boyfriend didn't phase. Even though single at the moment I asked him for a note on the "no kissing" order. He laughed. My current roommate, from Georgia, couldn't believe the doctor would say that. I guess it's just where I live.

  2. While at the doc's office he did the ears, nose, and throat exam with the lighted scope. In that order. Without changing the cover (he put a fresh one on when starting). It didn't dawn on me until today. I'm not particularly disgusted by it but I would think that's not the best practice to keep your patients happy.

  3. I was home for four week days and haven't been going to my usual night time activities. Based on all this observational time I can definitively state TV sucks.

  4. On that subject, I'm watching a show about archeologists investigating hunting camps of ancient Alaskans. They just said that one of the camps they are excavating was only accessible by helicopter. I'm sure Sikorsky and Wrights would've been interested in knowing about manned flight in Alaska 10,000 years ago.

  5. I left the house last night for the first time in days to just get out. I didn't seen the SOTU speech but I've read it twice today. Generally I like it but, sadly, I think Health Care Reform is dead.

  6. Update: One part I forgot to add. Last night met friends at Duke Of Perth for all you can eat fish and chips. I know many, many people that swear it is the best fish and chips in Chicago. I'm new to eating fish, just a couple of years, and it was the first time I've ever had fish and chips. A question: is the fish always so tasteless? I'll stipulate that I currently have sinus issues and my taste buds are not firing on all cylinders. Still the chips and ketchup seemed normal. Other food I've eaten this week seem within the normal parameters of what I'd expect. The fish though was all texture and no taste.


Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Hope you feel better soon!

I've never eaten at Duke Of Perth, but I've never found fish & chips to be a particularly exciting food to eat. Pretty bland fried food--but then, English/Irish food isn't meant to be exciting (and I can say that, having been to Ireland and been bored to death of their food :)...but the Irish people are anything but boring. *smiles*)

10:37 PM  

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