Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Death of Fuzzy

The Chicago Tribune decided to stop running Get Fuzzy starting this week. He's still on line. I'll admit that over the last year or two it has not been nearly as funny or consistently good as in the past. Still, Dick Tracy is still running. I have no idea what the current story line is but this is just freakin' terrible.

I grew up reading the comics - "the funny pages" as my father still calls it. It was my intro to reading the news. And it continues to be a source of mild, pleasant entertainment. It is a sad commentary on the newspaper industry and the comics biz that so many antiques continue to run while most new things die out. Or never get seen. I mean, really, The Peanuts - which for the record I think was fabulous - continues to be rerun a decade after the death of Charles Schultz.


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