Friday, March 12, 2010


Volleyball playoffs were last night. We played the semifinals and then after we won played in the championship. I won't keep you on edge. We took 2nd.

Between matches we were playing the team we beat in the semis to stay warm. I was serving when one of the girls on the opposing team threw the ball back to me. It popped when I caught it and would have struck me center mass had I not. And I certainly noticed the form and the wind up.

After our practice game I went up to her, "You play a lot of softball."

She was taken aback for a second with the unexpected topic. "Yeah. I played in high school and on a traveling team."

I told her I run a Saturday team in the city and I might have an open spot and that I was going to need her phone number. "OK," she agreed. No hesitation. Of course, I had to get her name too since I didn't even know that.

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Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Oo, you have an "in"! :) :)

7:00 PM  

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