Friday, February 12, 2010

A Worrying Moment

Last night at volleyball every time my brother moved he started gripping his abdomen. I kept asking if he was OK and he kept saying it hurt to move. Now, he's like me, fight through the pain. Don't acknowledge it. Don't show it to the other team. So him grimacing and bending over is not a good sign.

He said he had the same issue when he played Monday but felt no pain the next day. He decided to see how he felt at last night's game. The pain came on immediately. Of course, he wouldn't sit out.

Talking to him he has started a new, intense work out routine and had done abdominal exercises on Sunday. We're hoping it's just a strain but he kept clutching right where a sports hernia would be expected. I badgered him a little bit and then his wife found out what was going on and she got on his case too.

He's seeing the doctor after work this afternoon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it is just a strain.



Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Could it be kidney stones? That's what happened to a coworker of mine. I hope he's okay!!!!

10:22 PM  

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