Thursday, June 24, 2010


The French World Cup team, Les Bleus, were sent home early Tuesday having failed to win a single match. A team that secured their spot in the cup on a blatant, uncalled hand ball.*

The Italians matched the French accomplishment of zero wins after a 3-2 loss to Slovakia today. They will be flopping back to Europe soon.

Meanwhile, the U.S. won their group in an incredibly exciting set of matches yesterday. The finished regulation time tied with Slovenia. If the result had held the U.S. would be slinking back home. Then in stoppage time a break lead by Landon Donovan attacks the goal. The keeper makes a save on the first shot but Donovan trailing the play puts the ball in back of the net. Instead of going home, the U.S. WON THEIR GROUP by scoring more goals than England.

Saturday the U.S. will face Ghana in the first of the elimination rounds. I think the U.S. has a legitimate shot at winning that game if they knuckle down. It certainly is a better shot than if they had finished 2nd in the group (as I predicted) and were playing Germany.



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