Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Banned For Life

Just like Pete Rose. I can hope, can't I?

Last night MLB Network was covering the Winter Meetings in Orlando.  Lou Piniella was there and they interviewed him.  Tim Raines lead into a question siting Lou's well known run ins with umpires and asked him to recount his "best line" ever to an umpire.

Lou said, "I'll tell you a story." 

He related (3:00 minute mark) an unspecified game in Seattle where a pitcher was struggling to keep a 4 - 2 lead.  Lou said he thought the home plate umpire was squeezing the strike zone.  Lou went to the mound and waited for the unnamed umpire to approach the mound. 
 Lou asked, "Where are those pitches at?"

The umpire responded, "Will you repeat that?"

"I asked where are those pitches at?"

"Lou, I'm surprised at you"

"well what's the problem"

"Well you went to college."


"Well did you learn in college you don't end a sentence with a preposition?"

"OK, let me rephrase that.  Where are those pitches at, you no good ..." 

Lou started mumbling and all three commentators roared with laughter.  For the love of FMS can we never, ever tell this story again?  Please?  No body by the name of Bob Wilcox, the pitcher Lou mentions, ever played major league baseball.

This is worse than every sports cliche known to man kind.  It's a stupid story that I've heard told at least a dozen times.  IT IS NOT TRUE.  If it ever happened it only happened once to one person.  I bet they didn't even come up with the snappy comeback until they walked away from the umpire or referee.

NEVER, EVER should we allow this story to be retold again. 



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