Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A W.O.M.

That's how a previous coworker referred to Lamborghini many years ago.  I asked what she meant.  She said, "A waste of money."

Opinions vary.  I'm a car guy.  Mine's different.  On the other hand some schmuck of a buyer just wasted a small boat load of money on this.

68,000 pounds to buy essentially some tires, a radiator, a couple of fenders, a headlamp, and some seats.

In other car sale news.  The government of British Columbia seized and sold a Ferrari Scudiera and a BMW M6 when the owners were caught street racing.  The drivers were caught driving in excess of 200kph (124 mph).  It's a pretty excessive law in my opinion but do the crime, do the time.



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