Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lived To Fight Another Day

It wasn't in too much doubt but the OFFICIAL word came down that I will be employed as a contractor at my present company for 2011.  Again, it was more or less  known but the boss actually told me (and 5 others) today.  No body knows about 2012 at this point.  The budget will be considered at the end of the summer and the boss hopes to preliminarily meet with us in September about 2012.

It was a tough year for contractors here.  Two (three?) were let go at the end of 2009 and two more were let go in October.  At the end of this month one contractor is converting to a full time employee and two more contractors are being let go.  We've gone from 13 to 6 in a twelve month span.  The Boss made the passing comment that he would like to keep 4 - 6 contractors on the team long term and that there was still one more full-time open position to be had.

One of my friends who was one of the two in October told me he expects to be out of work at the end of the year.


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