Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Simple Things

Little things can make all the difference.

Over the years the company I work at has distributed a Holiday and Payday Calendar every December.  It was printed on card stock and usually had a little bit of color.  Everyone kept it posted at their desk.

Last year it was a hassle to get them.  The color file was printed on a black and white printer.  Some of the data was hard to read where the grays were together.  This year, the company did not distribute them at all.  They provided a link on line.  Card stock paper wasn't available to print them.

Today I copied the pdf file to USB drive and took it to the print shop in the building's lobby. I asked them to produce 30 of them in color on card stock.  $20 later I brought them up and distributed them to my team, some bosses and other people I've worked with closely.  Smiles and happy faces all around.

As a bonus, I'm a contractor.  Every time they look at their pretty, colorful calendars they'll remember me.


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