Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snowpocolypse! II

I'm taking off Snow Day II. I got to the Addison stop about 7:50 this morning. 45 minutes and 4 packed red lines later I called it off. The platform was completely full of people the entire time I was up there. After the 1st train the a CTA worker announced
\the next train was an express from Bryn Mawr and we would "all be able to get on the train." Nope! Completely packed. Maybe9 or 10 people per car boarded.

In that time 3 Purple lines cruised by. Everyone of them had open seats. I'm sure there's logistician out there that could tell me why it would be a bad idea but any one of those trains could have emptied the platform by pulling in for a stop.

Here's a couple of pics from my 'hood.

Buried Cars

All the sidewalks on my street were cleared. There are a couple houses that never shovel but they were even done. Either the people there decided the snow passed some threshold that they needed to shovel or the neighbors did the work. I'd assume the latter

Team shoveling.

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