Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All Connected

After volleyball last night my brother and I stopped at a bar for some food and drink.  The Blackhawks game was just into the 2nd period at that time.  There were a handful of people there watching.  Early on my brother and one of the guys were talking about sports.  In reference to basketball and the NBA specifically, one of the guys said, "I can't stand that African monkey ball."

I guess the on positive side he didn't just go ahead and call it "nigger ball."  Anyway, I've got my measure of these guys at this point.  I just flat out refuse to engage them for the rest of the night.  Over the course of the night I hear the three guys make the following comments
  • Obama got "owned" by a local Dallas reporter.  (Um, no. The reporter asked some challenging questions and Obama answered and asked not to be interrupted.  Both men did their jobs.  Nothing to see here.  Move along.)
  • It's cold outside.  "But we know global warming is real because Al Gore told us so."  
  • "The same people that believe in global warming voted for Obama."
I think it is both amazing and sad how the majority of people in this country have come to hold one of two sets of beliefs and there is no thinking outside the box.

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