Friday, April 08, 2011

Public Safety Concerns

Yep. I'm sure that's the only reason Cincinnati police are impounding cars with oversize rims.

For a moment - and we can come back to it - let's ignore what looks like a hamfisted attempt to legally pull over and ticket motorists that are DWB. Let's instead focus on this:
A mechanic examined the car, and his report says he found a lot wrong besides the rims.

The inspection document says [u]the brakes of Jones' 1988 Cadillac were installed backwards[/u], and that the catalytic converter had been cut off.

There are some questions to be asked here.
  • Disc or drum breaks?
  • Front or rear breaks?
  • Really? Backwards. How? Like you reversed the inside and outside pads? ...
  • Or put the pads on backwards? I mean, there's clips on the backs...
  • Or turned the caliper or rotor around? Is that even possible?
  • What was the BAC of the mechanic that installed them?

Really, based on the handful of break replacements I've done its not easy to f*ck that up.

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