Thursday, March 24, 2011

You've Been Pining For An Ozzie Update

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Physically, Ozzie is very much a full grown cat at this point.  I don't want him getting fat so I have started looking into what is considered a reasonable amount of food for a cat to have.  He's certainly not a glutton and he still has kitten like energy.  I can leave food in his bowl around the clock and he'll eat when he wants.  I've been giving him dry food which tends to be heavy on carbs and cats are meat eaters.  I'm thinking of going to canned food but that has odor down sides.

He's also very much a little attention whore.  I 'have to' stop and pet him every time I come in the door. Cooking is quite a challenge because I'm not giving His Grace my undivided attention.  He charges and climbs my leg.  Water bottle training is on going.  The lesson doesn't seem to stick day to day or even meal to meal.  I'm not allowed to be out of sight while in the house.  Closing a door results in him screaming bloody murder.  When he really starts crying I wonder if the neighbors are going to call animal control.

"Turn Down the volume, please."

Once I've settled down in the chair for the night he'll nap in my lap most the evening. Naps, of course, have to be interrupted with the occasional romp through the house and attacking my feet.



Blogger rachel neil said...

what a cute kitten you've got in all your posts.

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