Friday, March 18, 2011

Busted Bracket

My brother texted me last night claiming his NCAA bracket was already busted.  How's that I asked.  This picture exlains it.

It turns out my brother picked the Louisville Cardinals to win it all.  I pointed out just how crazy that is.  The last #4 seed to win the Big Dance was Arizona in 1997.  Seven of the last ten winners have been #1 seeds.  Since 1990 only 5 non-#1 seeds have won.

But Louisville was hot going in, he countered, and the teams are considered more even this year than any time in the recent past.

It doesn't matter.  Yes, there is no clear #1 team in the nation this year.  At one point in February all the top 4 or 5 seeds lost a game.  But the top 5 or 6 teams really aren't in question.  Sure, #13 Morehead State beating #4 Louisville in the first round isn't really predictable.  Thinking Louisville was bound to be a Sweet 16 or even and Elite 8 team is well within reason.  A Final Four team a little more of a stretch but doable. 

Winning the whole thing?  That's just crazy talk.



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