Tuesday, May 17, 2011

R.I.P., The Killer

Harmon Clayton Killebrew
1936 - 2011

At Target Field, where the video board showed a picture of Killebrew, members of the Twins' ground crew slowly lifted home plate and slipped under it a plastic-encased, black-and-white photo of Killebrew winding up for a swing. The picture, believed to be from the 1960s, will stay beneath the plate the rest of the season.
I haven't posted any baseball this season or really much of anything.  Life and especially work has been excessively busy.

One of the greats has left us. This affable man earned his nickname with his bat.  Even after the home run era of the 90s and 00s the 11 time All-Star sits at #11 on the all time home run list.

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