Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Small Victory

I bet an acquaintence a beer that Daley would win over 65% of the vote. Unfortunately, The King proved me right and I will be able to collect my winnings. I would have been much happier to have lost this one.

The good news is that there is a real possibility of a shake up on the city council. Three alderman lost outright: Burt Natarus, Arenda Troutman, and Darcel "Thanks for the Job, Daddy" Beavers. A bunch are facing run offs on April 17th.

Two incumbants facing run offs didn't even muster a plurality in their wards. They're probably toast. The Daley machine isn't likely to get behind them. I hope The Hat goes down and that should be a very close race.

My own Ward is facing a run off. Vi's support in the 43rd isn't quite what she made it out to be. My problem with her has little to do with Ward business but the fact that she (like many others) are more or less in march step with The King's plans. Yesterday I voted against her. It was more a protest vote against business as usual than anything. I will have to study Vi and Michelle closer before I vote again in April. If I were to bet another beer I would put my money on Vi.

My previous Ward is also facing a run off. I hope to hell that Matlak goes down in flames although its going to be close, too. He has never seen a gaudy development he didn't like. He doesn't respond to his constituents in the least. A buddy still lives there and has been asking for a substantial pot hole to be fixed since the thaw last spring.

Other than that I don't have any dogs in the other run offs. Other than to hope for the council shake up with more reformers. People who might, MIGHT, question The King. People who might, MIGHT, conduct some form of oversight.

If you're in a runoff ward, remember to vote April 17th.

The Run Offs based on the Trib results.
2nd Ward - Madeline Haithcock (i) 20% v. Bob Fioretti 28%
3rd Ward - The Ha, aka Dorothy Tilman (i) - 42.75% v. Pat Dowell 38%
15th Ward - no incumbant. Toni Foulkes 34% v. Flicia Simmons-Stovall 26.35%
16th Ward - Shirley Coleman (i) 36.6% v. Joann Thompson 42%
18th Ward - Lona Lane (i) 49% v. Paul Steward 26%
21st Ward - Howard Brookins (i) 46% v. Leroy Jones 34.5%
24th Ward - Michael Chandler (i) 36% v. Sharon Dixon 20.2%
32nd Ward - Ted Matlak (i) 46.8% v. Scott Waguespack 39%
35th Ward - Rey Colon (i) 43.4% v. Vilma Colom 33.9%
43rd Ward - Vi Daley (i) 48.2% v. Michelle Smith 32.9%
49th Ward - Joe Moore (i) 49.3% v. Don Gordon 29.2%
50th Ward - Bernard Stone (i) 48.3% v. Naisy Dolar 28.3%

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