Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring Training

I started my prep last night. I checked the tire pressure and adjusted the saddle. I dug out the water bottle and cleaned it. I pulled the helmet out of the closet. This morning I packed the work duds in the duffle bag and donned riding clothes. Today was Day 1 of riding my bicycle to work. And, oh how glorious it was.

The sun was just up and it was a pleasent 50 degrees this morning. A light head wind was in my face as I rode down the lake front path but it wasn't strong enough to hinder me. Other than on the indoor trainer I haven't ridden since last fall. The North Avenue Bridge was clear as I crossed over the poor saps in their cars and only a handful of cyclists and joggers were on the path with me. It's only a 3.5 mile ride to work but I felt exilerated when I got here. Really ready to work.

Of course, I'm not in regular season form yet. When I packed my work clothes I forgot to grab my belt. But I'll get there. I promsie.



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