Monday, April 23, 2007

Senator Chris Dodd, Candidate

Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) endorsed a corporate carbon tax last week.
"You can't just do this by talking about investing in fuel cells and investing in solar (energy)," he said. "You've got to have a tough answer. And if you don't have a tough answer, you aren't going to get there."

Agreed! And his call to use the additional revenue to jump start R&D into greener technologies jives with my view of what should be done. Calling for 50mpg CAFE standards by 2017 is huge if unrealistic. Finally, we have a candidate giving a straight answer to the energy and global climate change problems we face. It is too bad he is just a bit player.

A side note on Sen. Dodd. I saw him interviewed on This Week by George Stephanopolus Sunday morning. His wife sat next to him during the interview. I was in and out of the room during the interview but on at least two occasions his wife interupted his stuttering responses to give an answer. This was a real turn off to me.

Please, please, please know that it is not a negative reaction to a strong woman. That was not my upbringing and is not my attitude in life. No, my problem is that a Senator of Dodd's stature that is running for President seemed unable to answer some basic questions including, "How are you going to make yourself known to the American public?" The questions weren't completely softball but they weren't hard either. A man or woman that wants to be President of the USA needs to be able to handle this. S/he needs to have the ability to tell me why they are running. Dodd just didn't cut it yesterday.

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