Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Converstaion I'm Tired of Having

Samples of a near-weekly conversation I have.

Sample 1:
Coworker: Jen got laid off last week.
Me: That sucks. When did you talk to her?
Coworker: I didn't. It was on her Facebook page.

Sample 2:
Me: I tried calling Niko this week. He never gets back to me.
Roommate: He's always on Facebook.

Sample 3:
Me: We're going to be short girls for tomorrow's game. I think I'll call Melissa to see if she's free.
Teammate: She moved to Detroit a year ago.
Me: Really? No one told me.
Teammate: You'd know if you were on Facebook.

Sample 4:
Friend: Are you going to Alyson's party tonight?
Me: I didn't know she was having a party.
Friend: Oh, that's right. You're not on Facebook

I'm actually sick at my stomach that I signed up for this but everyone I know plans there lives around it. It seems to be the only way they communicate anymore.


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