Friday, July 17, 2009

Saving Trees

Obama's Interior Secretary Ken Salazar put a stop to a Bush admin WOPR.
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar on Thursday withdrew the Bureau of Land Management’s Western Oregon Plan Revision, which would have tripled the allowable timber harvest on 2.2 million acres of Western Oregon forests. Salazar called the management plan legally indefensible because it failed to follow federal environmental rules.

I know this hurts an area of the country already hurting but I really believe we have to change our habits and reduce our use of natural resources. To further that goal - and not to be out done by Obama - my coworker Linda has announced her own plan to save trees.

She's retiring.

This woman has driving me nuts since I met her a decade ago. She prints every email she receives. Every. Single. One. I understand that she was actually told she had to stop dumping her Inbox to the printer. It may have slowed her down but I still see her at the printer every day with printed emails in hand.

Spotted owls can thank Linda right along with Ken.

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