Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Golf, A Wedding, and Galena

What a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

Friday night the Calc Teacher and I had dinner in the suburbs (those are west of Damen Ave.) and I stayed out there. First thing in the morning we hit the road and headed for Galena, IL.

Side note: For my whole life I had it in my mind that Galena was near the Mississippi river south of the Quad Cities. I was half right. It apparently is in the northwest corner of the state.

And Galena is a beautiful town and area. We can't call them mountains but it is hilly with lots of small rivers leading towards the mighty Mississippi. We got into town about 11AM, grabbed a bite and hit the links.

Eagle Crest North, 7th Hole

Now I haven't golfed in 8 years but I haven't lost a stroke since my last game. Which is terribly unfortunately. The scorecard said 143. If I took all my lost ball penalties it would be in the 160s. She smoked by 40+ strokes. It was expected.

That night we met two other couples, friends in town for the wedding, for dinner at the local brewery. Good beer, good food, and good times was had by all.

Us again

Sunday was the wedding. The bride plays on our softball teams. The basic make up of the guest were: 1. The bride's family, 2. The groom's family, 3. The softball team. Honestly, there were 10 of us assocaitaed with the team out of a total of 60 - 70 guests. We ate. We drank. We danced. We celebrated. We even played bags. It was an absolutely great wedding.


Obviously there wouldn't be another wedding, but, honestly, I could see a return trip with friends for a weekend again.



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