Friday, September 10, 2010

Trash Can Fire Becomes Krakatoa

Out of the blue, a reverend from Florida has succeeded in finding his 15 minutes. He's accomplished this despite being a nobody. News reports say his church has a whopping 50 members. He pulled it off by planning a Bible Quran burning on the anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks in NYC and D.C.

The man is an obvious bigot. His followers, presumably, are also bigots. They hate an entire group of people that share a slightly different version of their own superstitions.

But what is really going on here?

I'm confident he hasn't procured every last copy of the Bible Quran in existence. He won't be destroying every last vestige of the book in his town, let alone the world. If I burned every book on my book shelves I would not have removed that knowledge from the world. I'd just have wasted a bunch of my money. Just as this bigot is wasting his congregation's money.

I assume he hasn't laid his hands a book 100s of years old that is a historical relic. I'm guessing he put on a trench coat and dark glasses and picked up a couple of copies of the Bible Quran from the local book store.

Getting smoke and ash into his eyes and those of his lowly, hate-filled followers is only REAL damage his planned Bible Quran burning should be able to do.

The real problem here is that so many people around the world are so upset because a complete nobody is going to light some paper on fire. These are the same people that get there fee fees hurt because somebody drew a picture of a man and labeled it with the name Mohammad. It is superstition and it has no place in the modern world. I'm not even commenting on Islam in general here. I mean the small mindedness that leads these people to become so upset about a planned trashcan fire. The problem is compounded by a 24-hour news cycle that has decided this piss ant of a human being deserves continuous attention.

He isn't doing anything illegal. He is expressing his small minded, hateful, and ignorant point of view. No one should care. This little man doesn't merit the attention he has been given by the media or the Islamic world. I would say the media should be ashamed of themselves but I long ago realized they have none.

And those in the Islamic world, how will this Bible Quran burning hurt you? Has the man taken food off your table? Has he injured your family? Has he taken your freedom from you? No, he'll have set fire to some paper and ink that could have just as likely been used to produce a Bible, a Torah, or the November issues of Playboy.

There is the bigger issue of Islamiphobia in the U.S. That should be addressed. Education and exposure are the best medicine. Condemn this reverend in Florida. I do. Then turn your back and ignore the maggot. He's not worth your effort.

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Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Thanks for writing about this--you gave me fuel for an interesting conversation with Iwanski the other night. :)

We both think the guy in Florida is a douche, of course--but I definitely think that the media has given him way too much attention.

10:19 PM  

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