Sunday, December 12, 2010

Home For The Night

The Calc Teacher is gone for the weekend at a downhill ski racing event.  (She took the silver on Saturday.)

Me?  I spent the night at home.  You wouldn't think a 4lb kitten could immobilize a 200lb man, would you?

I have a friend who is a veterinarian and Saturday morning was Ozzie's first trip to see her.  Or any vet for that matter.  He was so "traumatized" that he purred through the entire check up.  Including his shots.  To hear his heart beat the vet had to hold him near the sink and turn on the water to get him to stop purring.

He checked out healthy.  The shots do have a side effect of making them lethargic so he spent the rest of the day sleeping.  The position above last for a good four hours.



Blogger Miss Healthypants said...

Aww, it sounds like you're a bit smitten with your kitten! *smiles* Don't worry, it happens to all new cat owners...until the cats start puking on the carpet a few times a week and start knocking on the window blinds to get your attention... *grin* Well, I still like my cats, even though they annoy the hell out of me at times. :)

9:24 PM  

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