Thursday, June 09, 2011

Baseball List of Fours

My temporary roommate brought these questions back from a recent road trip. They're quite difficult baseball trivia but I thought they were pretty cool.

  1. What 4 active MBL team managers had 1,500 or more hits as a player? For example, Lou Piniella had 1,705 hits as a player. Alas, Sweet Lou is retired and does not make the list.
  2. Name the 4 Cincinnati Reds players, past or present, that have had 35 home runs and 35 doubles in the same season.
  3. Name the 4 current players who are their current team's all time hit leader.

  1. The trick here is that there was a lot of turn over in the past season and a half.
    • Don Mattingly, LA Dodgers, 2,153 hits
    • Dusty Baker, Cincinnati Reds, 1,981 hits
    • Ozzie Guillen, Chicago White Sox, 1,764
    • Kirk Gibson, Arizona Diamondbacks, 1,553
  2. This one has a couple surprising answers. How did Bench and Dunn leg out that many doubles?
    • Frank Robinson, 1962, 51 DBLs, 39 HRs
    • Johnny Bench, 1970, 35 DBLs, 45 HRs
    • Adam Dunn, 2005, 35 DBLs, 40 HRs
    • Joey Votto, 2010, 36 DBLs, 37 HRs
  3. Obviously these are current players so the hits totals are increasing. A note here, these numbers reflect a team's entire history. Chipper Jones leads the Atlanta Braves but when you trace team history back through Milwaukee Hammerin' Hank wins by a blowout. Similarly, Ryan Zimmerman leads the Washington Nationals but since they were once the Montreal Expos he doesn't even make the top 5.
    • Derel Jeter, NYY, 2,988+ hits
    • Ichiro Suzuki, SEA, 2,310+ hits
    • Tedd Helton, COL, 2,287+ hits
    • Michael Young, TEX, 1,923+ hits



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