Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sick At My Stomach

Ozzie is Packed and Ready
Last night Ozzie ran between my feet as I was walking down the hall. He got pinched and kicked. Holding up his right front paw he high tailed it into the second bedroom and hid under the bed. I couldn't get him to come out for over an hour and then it took a trail of catnip.

 He hobbled around all night and stayed to himself. He limped pretty badly for a while and I was strongly considering taking him to the vet. When I was able to corral him he reluctantly let me feel his leg. He didn't cry out in pain. This morning he was moving around pretty good. No noticeable limp while walking but when he trotted it was there. He was still being leery around me and staying clear of my feet.

It was clearly an accident and he appears to be getting better quickly. But I can still "feel" him between my feet and "hear" his anguished cry of pain and it's making me sick



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