Friday, March 23, 2007

Another Opening

Tubby Smith has left the University of Kentucky to coach basketball at the University of Minnesota. Tubby was 263-83 at Kentucky over 10 years.

I became a bit of a UK fan when Pitino went there and more so when Mom moved to the Cincinnati area. I continued to watch and support them through the Tubby Smith era. My brother has remained a HUGE fan.

Historically, UK has been one of the perennial basketball power houses. I suspect some big names are going to be sending resumes to Lexington. I haven't followed the college game close enough to know who the up and comer might be or the established veteran coach in need of a change is. I'm sure UK will be bringing in a lot of talent.

And I wish Tubby well in Minnesota. Minnesota has always been that other team in the Big 10 in my mind. It's always last or second-to-last to come to mind when I list out the schools. Maybe he can make it into a perennial winner. The Big 10 could use another one.



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