Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Corner Turned

Dad called Sunday monring as he does every Sunday. The conversation covered the usual stuff: The Cardinals, the NCAA tournament, weather, job concerns, etc. Later that night Dad called me back. This is nearly unprecedented. I was torn between being worried about his well being and wondering how much money he needed to borrow.

Turns out that the car dealer he takes his car for service was trying to sell him another car. He had looked at it earlier in the week when he was in for service. The estimated a price and Dad told them, "No. Out of my price range." They had called back Sunday with "better" numbers. Dad wanted to know what I thought of the deal.

Ultimately I recommended against it although that and the details aren't that important here. I'm more interested in the concept that roles in my relationship with my father have been reveresed. When I bought, actually leased, my first car I asked my father's advice. I was about 25 (previously I had driven two cars bought by my parents and my grandmother respectively) and was new to the concept. Ten years later my father is asking me the same questions.


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