Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Impaler For President

A Satanist for President. I wonder if any prominent conservative commentators/talking heads will pick up on this guy and make a stink about it? Every election there are these wacky, third party candidates for office. I recall coming across The Impaler when he ran for Minnesota's governor's seat.

The Impaler just seems like a nut but one guy I did like was The Pirate that ran for Iowa's 1st Congressional District last year. James Hill still has his web site up. He is a little odd but when you read his blog and his platform it is not hard to imagine that he would actually be a good representative. His last entry makes it sound like he won't run again. I could be wrong but my impression was that James Hill was not the nutjob that The Impaler appears to be. Hill came across that he actually cared about the district and wanted to do good. If I was to guess, his quirky Pirate Party campaign was an attempt to get media attention.



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