Monday, April 23, 2007

Minor Observation

I was at the Cardinals' game on Sunday (locally referred to as the Cubs' game). A coworker invited me last week when he found out his group of friends had an extra ticket. We had bleacher seats (BLEH!) and were in dead away center field. Between innings when the Cubs took the field center fielder Felix Pie played catch with right fielder Jacque Jones. On at least 4 occasions Jones over threw Pie, once quite badly. These are, theoretically, professionals. These stupid little mistakes just aren't supposed to happen. If it had been just once I probably wouldn't have even remembered two innings later. But after watching it happen multiple times it just stuck out. As every coach tells every team, you play like you practice. If Jones is having trouble making a simple throw consistently in warm ups what do you expect from him in a game situation?

I guess what I’m ultimately saying is with Soriano’s imminent return, keep Pie and dump Jones.

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