Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 1 Of a Shiny New World

Symbolism and substance matter. I won't make this a regular post but let me just take note of the important things Obama has done.

Wednesday, 01/21
  • Freezes pay for senior staffers making more than $100K.
  • Disallowing lobbyists from joining his admin from working on issues they lobbied for
  • Any person leaving his admin will not be allowed to lobby his admin. Ever!
  • Promises that the gov't when asked for information will have a default position of providing it, not hiding it.

Thursday, 01/22
  • Signs executive order telling CIA to close all black site prisons.
  • Order also instructs that Guantanamo Bay prison to be closed within a year.
  • Order instructs CIA to obey Geneva Conventions on torture.

Friday, 01/23
  • The FDA approves the first human trials of stem cell treatments for spinal cord injuries. Yes, I know this isn't specifically Obama and as I write this on Friday I am waiting for him to loosen funding restrictions on stem cell research. But do you think this would have happened when Bush was in charge? I believe the approval would have been squashed.
  • Obama overturns the "Mexico City Policy," aka the Global Gag rule. I suspect this will be one of his more controversial moves in the early days but one I support so it makes my list of good deeds.

Monday, 01/26
  • Obama has directed the EPA to reconsider California proposed emission standards for automobiles. This may have some positive and negative impacts but will have most positive long term effects.



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I LOVE our new Prez so far!!!! :)

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