Thursday, March 15, 2007

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A new feature... maybe. Before I started the blog I wrote stuff for myself and saved it in word docs on my PC. Every once in a while I like to go back and read what I wrote. Sometimes it reminds me of something important. Other times, probably more frequently, I think "Why the hell did I write that?!"

I came across this one and it reminded me of this past Monday when North Beach Bar, where I play volleyball, was playing one of the Jackass movies.

August 9, 2006, 08:57:44
Other People’s Pain
A guy at work just emailed a group of us three short video clips of people getting hurt doing stupid stunts. One guy slides down a railing on roller blades, falls at the bottom, and gets hit by a car. A second attempts to jump from the roof of one building to another across an alley. He didn’t make it. The last brain surgeon attempts a ridiculously long motorcycle jump and crashes down a gulley.

I’m confused on many levels. The first is why people like this risk their lives on such dumb stunts. I understand there is an adreniline rush and some sense of accomplishment. But it can’t make up for a broken back and shattered femurs. Is this fueled by a lack of a sense of self worth? Low self confidence?

What I understand even less is why other people enjoy watching these mishaps so much. One guy on the email said it makes him feel better about himself because he isn’t so dumb. I don’t understand that. I also don’t understand how people can watch a video of a person getting his feet ran over by a 4000 lb SUV. It makes me cringe. I feel a phantom pain in sympathy despite the stupidity it took to get into that position. When the guy fell off the building I looked away from the screen.

I never want to become so desensitized that I can watch those videos without feeling disgust.

I also wish that the gene pool had a life guard. The rocket scientists jumping building to building probably shouldn’t be reproducing.


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